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Demolished/destroyed jewish related monuments

Beth Saoul Synagogue (ca 1898, Ethnikis Aminas str., destroyed by the Nazis in 1943),
Carasso Arcade (ca 192..., demolished in 1959),
Ida Mansion (ca 1886, Vassilissis Olgas & Fleming str., where the Italian Cultural Institute is today ) (demolished in 1959),
ilion Cinema (ca 19..., Dimokratias Square, Langada str.) (property of Attas & Segura) (demolished in 2000)
Passage Lombardo (ca 18..., Frankon & Leondos Sofou str., demolished in 1967)
Samuel Hassid Mansion (ca 1907)
Saias Textile industry

Saias textile industry (ca 1913)
Saias textile industry (ca 1913)
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